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Justin Trudeau’s “Values Test” is Offensive

I have received hundreds of emails, calls and letters regarding the Liberal government’s requirement for “attestation” when applying for funding for the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Thank you to everyone for voicing their concerns. I, along with all of my colleagues in the Conservative party are very concerned about this mandated “attestation” and will continue to do everything we can to force the Liberal government to reconsider their view.


Today I have written an opinion editorial on this issue and it has already been posted by the Toronto Sun. Hopefully other local and national publications will follow suit and run this editorial so that all Canadians will understand that what Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government is doing is both unfair and against the very Charter that the hold so dear.

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Dean Asks Questions on International Development Funding

Dean Allison (Niagara West)

2017-05-17 21:01 [p.11360]


Madam Chair, I thank members for the kind comments about the foreign affairs committee. I think we have done some good work. I also want to recognize the chair, the member for Kenora, who has done an exemplary job chairing the committee. I am going to ask questions and get responses in my 15 minutes. My first question is for the Minister of International Development and La Francophonie. Earlier this year, The Globe and Mail had an article written by Robert Greenhill, entitled “Canada is not back when it comes to global aid— [as a matter of fact] it’s far back.

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DA: Speech on 2017 Budget

It also seems strange that the Liberals are calling budget 2017 their innovation budget. There is really nothing new or innovative in this budget. Many of the programs are recycled and repackaged. What is becoming clearer is that they have no plan, no commitment, and no ideas on how to create jobs and grow our economy.


However, here is the kicker. They are spending billions on buzz words and catch phrases. Unless Canadians are a venture capital catalyst or a supercluster, this budget is simply not for them. Innovation thrives when businesses and entrepreneurs are free from excessive taxes, regulation,

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DA: Statement on Nuclear Waste Shipments

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to share the concerns of some of my constituents regarding shipments of nuclear waste that could soon pass through the Niagara region. This material, from the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories facility in Chalk River, is being returned to the United States for processing.


Many Niagara residents have organized themselves to scrutinize the planning and approval process for these shipments to ensure that every precaution is taken. It is essential that this nuclear waste be transported in a way that fully protects the people along its path, and of course, the surrounding environment.


I call upon all levels of government and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to work with their counterparts in the United States to ensure that these shipments are completed safely and securely.

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DA: Speech on Issues Faced by Canadian Military

Madam Speaker, it is great to be up speaking today. Before I get started, I want to say that I will be sharing my time with the member for Souris—Moose Mountain.


I want to express my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Master Corporal Alfred Barr, who died yesterday in a training accident near Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones at this very difficult time.


The other thing I want to say is that just recently, within the last couple of years,

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DA: Speech On Yazidis

Mr. Speaker,


I would like to recognize the fact that Nadia Murad is going to be arriving in Ottawa sometime later today and will be staying in the area for the next four to five days. We certainly want to thank her for taking the time to join us here in Ottawa.


I know it has been said before, and I want to repeat it because I think it is important. Nadia is a Yazidi woman who was captured by ISIS, endured unimaginable horrors, and by the grace of God escaped. She has told her story repeatedly around the world,

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