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Bill C100

Mr. Speaker, as my colleague mentioned before, I already mentioned my favourite one, which is chapter 19. I am going to leave it at that. 

As I said, there was an opportunity right from the start for the government not to insert itself in the process. I really believe that at the end of the day, when Mr. Trump was concerned with tariffs, what he was really concerned about was China.

If we look at what has happened recently with his involvement with China, when he was talking about unfair practices, I do not believe that was ever directed at us.It was mentioned by the minister,

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Bill C93 & Cannabis

Madam Speaker, I would like to start by saying that Conservatives will be supporting the bill.

Bill C-93 would make changes to the pardon process and waive the fee for Canadians with a past conviction of simple cannabis possession. It would allow people convicted of possession of less than 30 grams of cannabis to apply for free to have their record suspended. It typically costs $631 for someone to apply for a record suspension. In light of the legalization of cannabis in October of last year, the bill seeks to assist Canadians who were criminally charged for something that has now been rendered legal.

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Bill C93

Madam Speaker, we are going to be rising in the next couple of weeks. We knew this was coming down the pipe, and quite frankly, consultations probably should have started a lot earlier. As I said, in some cases, there has not been a whole lot of consultation at all. I think that is the challenge.

We are grateful that the government accepted a couple of our amendments. It would have been nice if it had accepted a few more. In the rush to get this through before the end of this term, I feel that maybe more consultation could have happened.

Kevin Lamoureux (Winnipeg North)

Madam Speaker,

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Canada China Relations

Mr. Speaker, our relations with China are at an all-time low, and all the Prime Minister is willing to do is to blame the Americans. China has banned Canadian pork, banned Canadian canola and detained two Canadians.

While China is bullying Canada, the Prime Minister is giving over a quarter of a billion dollars to China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Will the Prime Minister quit blaming others for his failures, pull all funding to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, file a trade challenge at the WTO and immediately appoint a new ambassador?

Jennifer O’Connell (Pickering—Uxbridge)


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China Blocks Canola Imports

Mr. Speaker, China has illegally blocked Canadian canola imports, then it suspended permits of two major pork producers for no reason. How does the Prime Minister handle it? He says it is not the right time to go to the WTO. That is a weak and shameful response.

When will the Prime Minister show some leadership and launch a trade action against China’s illegal attacks?

Hon. Jim Carr (Winnipeg South Centre)

Mr. Speaker, we continue to engage with China at the scientific level. We announced last week a generous support package for producers,

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China Blocks Canola Imports

Mr. Speaker, China has blocked Canadian canola for reasons that are both false and baseless, but the Prime Minister is yet to launch a trade complaint. China has also unlawfully detained two Canadians, and Canada has no ambassador to help with the negotiations.

Will the Prime Minister stop letting Canada get pushed around, appoint an ambassador to China and launch a formal trade complaint to resolve the canola crisis?

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