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DA: Statement On World Diabetes Day

Mr. Speaker,


Today marks World Diabetes Day, a global event created to raise awareness of the diabetes epidemic, which now affects over 415 million adults and their families around the world. Eleven million Canadians live with diabetes or pre-diabetes, and another Canadian is diagnosed every three minutes.


World Diabetes Day became an official United Nations world health day as governments recognized that diabetes, a non-infectious disease, poses a serious threat to world health.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on November 14. The date was chosen because it marks the birthday of Canadian Sir Frederick G.

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DA: Speech On Yazidis

Mr. Speaker,


I would like to recognize the fact that Nadia Murad is going to be arriving in Ottawa sometime later today and will be staying in the area for the next four to five days. We certainly want to thank her for taking the time to join us here in Ottawa.


I know it has been said before, and I want to repeat it because I think it is important. Nadia is a Yazidi woman who was captured by ISIS, endured unimaginable horrors, and by the grace of God escaped. She has told her story repeatedly around the world,

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Regulations Imposed By Health Canada Bureaucrats

Mr. Speaker, this past weekend, I attended the Canadian Health Food Association East trade show in Toronto where I had the pleasure of meeting the folks from 88Herbs, a great company from my riding, located in the town of Grimsby.

Unfortunately, their business and the whole industry of natural health products are about to get hit with additional regulations imposed unilaterally by Health Canada bureaucrats. We are all a bit confused as to why this is happening. There are already regulations in place that were introduced by the Standing Committee on Health after meeting with hundreds of witnesses over a year review period.

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Petition Islamic Republic Supporter Of Terrorism

Mr. Speaker, I have a petition calling on the Government of Canada to maintain the listing of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a state supporter of terrorism, pursuant to section 6.1 of the State Immunity Act, for as long as the Iranian regime continues to sponsor terrorism.

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Dean Asks Questions On ISIS

Mr. Speaker, the Liberal Minister of Foreign Affairs refuses to call the actions of ISIS genocide. Instead, he wrote a stern letter to the UN. Meanwhile, all of our closest allies have already made this important distinction. Shamefully, the parliamentary secretary thinks that somehow we are rushing our judgment.



Why are the Liberals letting thousands get slaughtered, while they wait for the United Nations to dictate our foreign policy?



Pam Goldsmith-Jones Mr. Speaker, I would like to remind the hon. member that we are doing more to fight ISIL and more to secure a lasting and stable future for the region than the party of the member opposite has ever done.

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Dean speaks on the Paul Hansell Foundation

Mr. Speaker,


During Mental Health week, I had the pleasure of participating in a very special mental health awareness campaign initiated by the Paul Hansell Foundation.


The Foundation and I took to Twitter and posted under the #ConvoPlate in order to Keep the Conversation going around mental health and to finally end the stigma surrounding it.


I also attended the official launch of the ConvoPlate campaign on May 5th and I can confirm that it was a tremendous success.


I would like to congratulate Brian Hansell,

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