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Canada China Relations

Mr. Speaker, our relations with China are at an all-time low, and all the Prime Minister is willing to do is to blame the Americans. China has banned Canadian pork, banned Canadian canola and detained two Canadians.

While China is bullying Canada, the Prime Minister is giving over a quarter of a billion dollars to China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Will the Prime Minister quit blaming others for his failures, pull all funding to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, file a trade challenge at the WTO and immediately appoint a new ambassador?

Jennifer O’Connell (Pickering—Uxbridge)


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China Blocks Canola Imports

Mr. Speaker, China has illegally blocked Canadian canola imports, then it suspended permits of two major pork producers for no reason. How does the Prime Minister handle it? He says it is not the right time to go to the WTO. That is a weak and shameful response.

When will the Prime Minister show some leadership and launch a trade action against China’s illegal attacks?

Hon. Jim Carr (Winnipeg South Centre)

Mr. Speaker, we continue to engage with China at the scientific level. We announced last week a generous support package for producers,

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China Blocks Canola Imports

Mr. Speaker, China has blocked Canadian canola for reasons that are both false and baseless, but the Prime Minister is yet to launch a trade complaint. China has also unlawfully detained two Canadians, and Canada has no ambassador to help with the negotiations.

Will the Prime Minister stop letting Canada get pushed around, appoint an ambassador to China and launch a formal trade complaint to resolve the canola crisis?

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China Bans Canola

Mr. Speaker, it has been two months since the Chinese government banned imports of Canadian canola. Earlier this week, the Liberal leader was confusing China and Japan. This morning, the Liberals announced their plan to resolve the deepening crisis and dispute with China, and get this, by sending a trade mission to Japan. I cannot make this stuff up.

When will the Liberal leader finally get serious and launch a trade complaint against China?

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Tariffs Still in Place

Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives launched the most ambitious trade agenda this country has ever seen. The trans-Pacific partnership was a Conservative deal. Free trade with Europe was a Conservative deal. Our updated trade with Israel was a Conservative deal.

What is the Prime Minister’s record?

In negotiations with the U.S., he delivered losses. Steel and aluminum tariffs are still in place. On softwood lumber, there is no deal. For canola farmers, there is no solution. With the Liberals so focused on their scandals, when will they be able to get something done on trade?

Omar Alghabra (Mississauga Centre)


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Carbon Tax

Mr. Speaker, On April 1, the Prime Minister once again increased taxes on Canadians.

This time he added another tax, which was, as members can guess, the carbon tax. My constituents in Niagara West and Canadians across the country are now paying more for virtually everything: gas, propane, groceries, home heating and much more. Because of the carbon tax, gas has already gone up by 5¢ a litre. In a vast riding like mine, where public transit is limited, constituents have no choice but to drive their kids to practice after school or to work.

What are the Liberals going to do with all this new carbon tax money from my constituents and ordinary Canadians?

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