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Raising Taxes: a Liberal Go-to

Opinion Editorial

People in Niagara West are concerned about affordability, getting ahead, and a Liberal government that seems to be out of touch with their needs.

In Parliament, I frequently point to the importance of keeping taxes low and the negative impact of raising taxes on middle class families and small businesses.

These are more than just slogans. Conservatives are the defenders of the middle class, and in 2019 we will be fighting to stop Justin Trudeau from imposing massive tax hikes that will cost you a fortune.

What has it cost you so far since Trudeau and the Liberals got elected in 2015?

More February 26th, 2019

The Year in Review – A look back at 2018

Opinion Editorial

Welcome to 2019! 

At this time of year most people often take the time to reflect on the past year and look to the year ahead with anticipation. As politicians, we do the same albeit from a specific viewpoint.

When looking back at 2018 there were quite a few significant happenings. Some of these brought us together as a nation, like the outstanding performance of our athletes at the winter Olympics in PyeongChang bringing home 29 medals or the sad story of the of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. There were definitely highs and lows and hopefully there were more of the latter.

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The Global Compact for Migration: The binding non-binding agreement.

Opinion Editorial

Much has been said lately by politicians and the media about the United Nations Global Compact for Migration (GCM). So what is all the fuss about?   

The GCM is a United Nations led effort to set international standards and responsibilities around migration, Canada included. Justin Trudeau is expected to sign this agreement next week in Morocco.

Let’s get something out of the way from the get-go. This agreement is not binding, meaning the government doesn’t need to take any action – it’s a political declaration if you will.

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Justin Trudeau’s “Values Test” is Offensive

I have received hundreds of emails, calls and letters regarding the Liberal government’s requirement for “attestation” when applying for funding for the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Thank you to everyone for voicing their concerns. I, along with all of my colleagues in the Conservative party are very concerned about this mandated “attestation” and will continue to do everything we can to force the Liberal government to reconsider their view.


Today I have written an opinion editorial on this issue and it has already been posted by the Toronto Sun. Hopefully other local and national publications will follow suit and run this editorial so that all Canadians will understand that what Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government is doing is both unfair and against the very Charter that the hold so dear.

More February 2nd, 2018

No Crying Over Spilled Milk

June 1st was World Milk Day. Another day some might say to celebrate something trivial. But milk production in Canada is serious business. There are nearly 12 thousand dairy farms across the country. Thirty seven hundred farms are in Ontario alone. World Milk Day is an opportunity to explain just what it takes to get that litre of milk on your table.


In Canada, it all starts with a system called Supply Management. The basic idea is that by using quotas, farmers produce the volume of milk that consumers are demanding.  A price is negotiated for the farmer that covers the cost of production. 

More June 9th, 2017

Opposition growing to cross-border nuclear shipments

By • FEB 21, 2017


Opposition is brewing on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border about plans to move dozens of shipments of nuclear waste from a plant in Chalk River, Ontario, to a plant in South Carolina.


Buffalo Congressman Brian Higgins has been very vocal in his opposition. He is being joined by opposition in Canada.

Chalk River, Ontario


Dean Allison is the member of Parliament for Niagara West, which includes the QEW, a potential route for some shipments.

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