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Dean Introduces Bill C-285 The Medical Freedom Act

Dean Allison, Member of Parliament for Niagara West, has introduced a Private Members Bill: C-285 - An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Canada Labour Code and the Employment Insurance Act (The Medical Freedom Act)

Dean Introduces Bill C-285 The Medical Freedom Act

The past two years have seen some of worst government overreach in Canadian history – and this is true for all levels of government. The pandemic has been a difficult time for many Canadians, but it was made worse for some by a Prime Minister who called an election during the 4th wave of the crisis and used it to wedge, stigmatize, and divide Canadians.

This Prime Minister labelled those who disagreed with his handling of the pandemic – racists, misogynistic extremists, who shouldn’t be tolerated – all because of a personal medical decision.

Personal medical decisions are part of a basic framework of freedoms that Canadians are proud of and enjoy in their daily lives. However, the government scaled these freedoms back with punishing and unscientific mandates that not only infringed on Canadians’ bodily autonomy but prevented them from traveling, barred them from their workplace, and stripped them of government programs such as Employment Insurance.

In some cases, Canadians lost their jobs because of a medical decision deemed unacceptable by their employer. The government would then deny that employee Employment Insurance benefits for the same reason.

Choice in personal health matters is a basic freedom that should not be violated by any government. No Canadian should be discriminated against for their personal medical decisions in any aspect of their life, whether it relates to travel, employment, or government benefits.

The Medical Freedom Act (C-285) will ensure that this does not happen by enacting the following:

• Amending the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) by adding conscientious belief and medical history to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination; amending the CHRA so that an individual cannot be discriminated against in accessing transportation services based on the grounds of personal medical history.

• Amending the Canada Labour Code to prohibit an employer from taking reprisals against an employee because of certain decisions the employee has made in relation to their health.

• Amending the Employment Insurance Act to provide that a claimant is not to be disqualified or disentitled from receiving benefits if they lost their employment for the sole reason that they made certain decisions in relation to their health.

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